Things to Consider Before Hiring a Concrete Contractor 

See the beautiful houses down the street – the ones where the homeowners put all those amazing stonework surrounding the entrance? You may perhaps have thought that they might be rich to have those. However, those fancy stones are actually not stones at all. They are concrete and the price is much lesser compared to stones. In addition to that, you will eventually realize that making the front walk elegant and putting in that porch you have always dream of are within the budget after all. Once they are accomplished, you may think about considering calling in a professional landscape specialist about the next procedures to be done however, the walk and patio are the priority on the list. 

Concrete Contractor

The following are some of the few tips in hiring a professional for quality stamped concrete patios in Kansas City: 

Get References 

Begin asking and doing research around you. Talk to your co-leagues, friends as well as family and ask whom they would suggest for the task. You also request them to show you their work which was built in their houses. Are they satisfied? Was the price acceptable? Did the professional concrete contractor stick to their budget and schedules? Was he pleasant to work with and easy to contact? If the answer to these questions is yes, therefore, write down his name on the list. 

Protect Yourself  

Prior to signing anything, you have to make sure that the professional concrete contractor is insured, bonded to the company, and most importantly, licensed. If he is not insured, you will be liable to everything if unexpected accidents occur on your property on the time of his work. On the other hand, if he’s not even licensed, that would mean big trouble. Protect the concrete contractor as well as his workers, your family as well as yourself too, by ensuring that he has all the insurance and license needed by the law. 

Furthermore, prior to doing any construction work on your area, always check with the local authorities and the concrete contractor to determine what permits you require to have. Ensure to have those permits before the task starts and keep them maintain a safer environment during and after the task. 

 Get Estimates 

Once you’ve got a list of concrete contractors – about 3 or 4 – contact each one of them, set an appointment, have them visit your property to look over where the job will be taking place and then, let them give you a written estimate on the total expenses. Know whether there are specific problems like weather conditions which you need to bear in mind. The professional concrete contractor will always know what materials can endure years of snow and ice, followed by hot summer months and how to do proper maintenance once the work is already done. 

Getting in Writing 

Once you’ve already chosen a contractor, call him up. The concrete contractor should include every detail of the project – all the materials which are to be used, any applicable warranties, the payment schedule, the project timeline and clean up.  

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