Getting around in a big city could be very hard if you don’t have your own car or let’s say that you are visiting the place for a vacation. It would take so much of your time to take public transportation like bus and other local transportation. It would be very nice and convenient for others to take a taxi even if you have to pay too much. Some might consider to go to the destination with ease and having the most comfortable way of reaching the place as the taxi has a cooler that makes the inside part of the taxi colder. If it is the first time that you will have this, then you need to pay attention to a lot of things. You have to know on how to get a taxi and even how to pay the cab and the considerations that you can make when you take by this transportation.  


You may stand to the end part of the street or even just the outside of the hotel where you are staying. Some taxi drivers will open their car’s window or to their windshield replacement Portland to show a sign if you wanted to take a taxi or not. Sometimes you will see something on the top of the taxi if it is occupied or not. If you noticed that the sign on the top of it says available or for hire. Then, you can raise your hand and wave to show and mean that you want to take a taxi. Taxi drivers knew it already so you don’t need to worry. When the taxi driver stops that car in front of you. You can tell the taxi driver first about where you want to go. You need to tell them specifically the location in order for them to be notified first if they knew the place or not.  

If you can’t find one on where you are standing right now. You may download an app to get one. It is the most common now to use when getting a taxi. You can input your location at the moment and then the destination where you want the driver to drop you off. Your hotel can call a taxi company as well if you need one. Just approach them on the front desk area.  

If you are now inside of the taxi. Then, you need to pay attention to some manner and behavior. It is better to ask your driver first if you need to do something. For example, you are very hungry and you want to eat something inside of the car. Some drivers don’t allow their passengers to eat inside as it would leave strong smell and odor in the car.  

Don’t book one taxi if you are traveling in a group. There would only be a maximum of 3 plus the driver. You have to be always nice to everyone especially to the driver. If you are in a hurry, don’t ask the driver to speed up. It is better to be safe than not.  

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